Our Services

Our Bookkeeping Services

Has your company outgrown your current bookkeeping solution? MetroWest Bookkeeping provides financial services for individuals or small to mid-size companies, including:

  • Accurate record keeping to save time and money
  • Accounts payable: bill payment
  • Financial reporting (on a schedule that works for you!) to provide insight into how your business is operating
  • Maintaining control of your books to help avoid costly mistakes or surprises
  • Providing the financial information you need to make smart business decisions
  • Budget and cash flow analysis

As a QuickBooks® user, we’ll be using the best tools for complete accuracy. We take the daily stress of tedious bookkeeping and accounting services off of you and your staff so that you can focus on managing and expanding your business. We can also provide payroll services, or, if you already have a payroll company you’re happy with, we’ll work seamlessly with them to keep your business running smoothly.

Tax Preparation Services

MetroWest Bookkeeping will first work with you to gather all of the data needed such as W2 and 1099 forms, income and expense documents, and other financial asset and liability information. We’re here to help make sure you have everything needed to prepare your return.

We offer the following tax preparation services:

  • Personal returns, including business sole proprietor Schedule C
  • Corporations, 1120 or 1120S returns
  • LLCs
  • Partnerships
  • Realty Trusts

For small businesses that are just starting or growing quickly, the thought of tax preparation can be overwhelming. We’ll help you navigate the process and answer questions such as “how do I pay myself,” “how can I minimize my taxes,” and “once I know my taxes, how can I pay them throughout the year.”

For real estate investors, we can help make sure you’re in compliance with the rules and deductions that apply to real estate transactions including taxes and depreciation, as well as planning new investments and acquisitions.

Our goal is to help ensure that you and/or your business receive a favorable tax return.

Tax Planning Services

With MetroWest Bookkeeping on your team we’ll provide you with the data you need to make sound financial decisions. Considering a business or personal investment, purchase or sale? Thinking about adding employees or perhaps investing in an IRA? What will the tax implications be? Beyond simply “running the numbers,” we’ll work with you to make sure you have all of your questions answered.

For business owners, we’ll help you structure your business the right way and help you decide if your business should be a Sole Proprietor, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), C-Corporation or S-Corporation for tax purposes.

Qualified tax planning may also include:

  • Calculating tax schedules and planning payment
  • Year-end 1099 preparation
  • Creation of year-end tax reports for your CPA or auditor
  • Account reconciliation of bank, credit card and other account transactions
  • Limiting tax liability through smart financial planning

With MetroWest Bookkeeping you’ll have the peace of mind that your finances are being well cared for. Our priority is to ensure that your financial goals are always aligned with efficient tax planning.